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How do I know when it's time?

With the experience of the team here at At Home Pet Euthanasia we have put together some information to assist you in making this very difficult decision. Please see our information pages or download our PDFs (links below) to give you some guidance in when to make the decision.

For older dogs* (PDF)

For older cats* (PDF)

For pets with medical conditions* (PDF)

*These documents were written for general public read-only access. If you wish to copy any part or use these documents for your own commercial purposes please contact me for permission first.

We encourage you to discuss your pet's needs with your regular General Practice vet as they are trained professionals who can discuss your pet's quality of life with you. There are also many free online resources to help you assess their quality of life at home.

Every case is different so it's not possible to give general advice that applies to all pet owners. Do rest assured that once you have made the decision our staff will support you in your decision as you know your pet better than anyone.


If you are experiencing difficult emotions and would like support during this difficult time, Vicky Nonas is a counsellor who specialises in coping with the grief associated with the loss of a pet.


Alternatively, you can contact: 

The Grief Helpline (1300845745 Mon - Fri 8am - 8pm)

Beyond Blue (1300224636, 24/7)

or even just give me a call if you need to talk

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