Image by Alvan Nee

Taxidermy / Pet Preservation

For pet owners who wish to preserve their pet as they are in life, arrangements can be made to have their little one taxidermied / preserved. This is done through Pet Preservation Australia which is an Australian company based in Kandanga. Pet preservation requires specialised euthanasia techniques and the immediate transfer of your pet to Kandanga to get the best results so there is a $300 surcharge for this service. We want to ensure everything is done so that your little one will be preserved as precisely as possible so this is important.

To find out more about this service or to get a quote for the preservation of your pet please contact Pet Preservation Australia directly.

Current pricing as of March 2022 is as follows:

Rodents and small birds from $450 + GST

Rabbits from $800 + GST

Cats and dogs up to 4kg from $1200 + GST

Extra $150 + GST per kilogram up to 10kg

Extra $75 + GST per kilogram over 10kg

These prices are a guide only for the fees payable to Pet Preservation Australia for their service and do not include the euthanasia. We recommend you contact Markus for the most recent pricing and to get a quote. The price varies with the weight of your pet due to the amount of work and detail that goes into each pet.